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Select 8mm Smooth Round Strands

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This month Kambaby Ocean Jasper strands are 25% off!

This new rock has been found along the northwest coast of Madagascarafter years of unsuccessful searching.The deposit formed similar to a rhyolite flow but has been totally silicated. Ocean Jasper is a highly silicified Rhyolite or Tuff that has quartz and feldspar crystallized into needle like crystals that form orbicular (spherical) structures.The rhyolitic spheres, or orbs, come in an astonishing array of colors and color combinations. The background can be white, pink, green, red or yellow. Botryoidal formations as well as white and deep green druzy are also common. The deposit, being located at the edge of the ocean, can only be seen and mined at low tide. This remote area has no roads so the material must be transported to civilization by boat. Ocean Jasper® is produced from only one mine near Marovato, which is owned by Paul Obenich.
Ocean Jasper is said to increase the expression of love in words and actions. This stone is also celebrated for being able to help people navigate their own negative patterns in life. If there's a cycle that keeps tripping you up, avoid falling into the same trap by employing the healing properties of Kambaby Ocean Jasper. With vibes as smooth as the ocean tide, this stone brings stress-relief, renewal and responsibility into the mind space.
Origin: Madagascar
Aka: Orbicular Jasper
Mohs Hardness: 7

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50% Off Select Strands for November 2018

Assorted Faceted Strands

Happy Fall Beaders! This month we have a selection of faceted strands, 50% off all of November.

Gemstones commonly have facets cut into them in order to improve their appearance by allowing them to reflect light. The art of cutting a gem is an exacting procedure performed on a faceting machine. The ideal product of facet cutting is a gemstone that displays a pleasing balance of internal reflections of light known as brilliance, strong and colorful dispersion which is commonly referred to as "fire", and brightly colored flashes of reflected light known as scintillation. Typically transparent to translucent stones are faceted, although opaque materials may occasionally be faceted as the luster of the gem will produce appealing reflections. Pleonaste (black spinel) and black diamond are examples of opaque faceted gemstones.
The faceting machine uses a motor-driven plate to hold a precisely flat disk (known as a "lap") for the purpose of cutting or polishing. Diamond abrasives bonded to metal or resin are typically used for cutting laps, and a wide variety of materials are used for polishing laps in conjunction with either very fine diamond powder or oxide-based polishes. Water is typically used for cutting, while either oil or water is used for the polishing process.
The stone is ground at precise angles and indexes on cutting laps of progressively finer grit, and then the process is repeated a final time to polish each facet. The physical process of polishing is a subject of debate. One commonly accepted theory is that the fine abrasive particles of a polishing compound produce abrasions smaller than the wavelengths of light, thus making the minute scratches invisible.

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