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​​​​​Bead Of The Month 

50% Off Select Strands for February 2019

Gemstone Chip Strands

Happy February Beaders! This month our gemstone chip strands are on sale! Many of these strands are 32"! Chips are such a versatile design component. They are great for multi-strand jewelry and for creating earthy textures in your projects. A variety of gemstones and metaphysical properties means the possibilities are endless. There's even a chakra stone chip strand for those of you who want a little bit of everything.

The Bead of the Month selection frequently goes quickly, so stop by soon for the best selection. 50% off selected strands only.

​​​​​Stone Of The Month​

 25% off Strands for February 2019 

Large Hole Bead Strands

Don't miss this sale!

This month Large Hole bead strands are 25% off!

This month's stone of the month is a variety of large hole gemstone strands.  
Large hole stone beads present unique challenges for manufacturers.The larger the hole, the more commonly breakage occurs in drilling. This means that manufacturers spend more time inspecting and sourcing raw materials, along with inevitable loss from breakage. As a result, you'll notice that large hole beads usually cost more. So this is the perfect time come in and snag your favorite strand on sale.
There are multiple ways to drill stone. The best method
uses ultrasonic technology, a drilling device that uses vibrations in order to hammer its bit through materials, as opposed to traditional drilling methods. [ds]
 The results are the cleanest possible hole edges, minimizing potential abrasion and damage to stringing material. It also gives a consistent hole through the entire bead, eliminating the frustrating, and often impassable, narrowing in the middle of the bead that can result from poorly executed traditional drilling methods.

Happy Beading!